Life's too short

Life's too short

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fabric Sale

HappyBugDesigns is celebrating the arrival of Fall in Las Vegas! From October 6th - 8th all the items in the Fabric Sale section will be 10% off. This is in addition to the almost at or below cost pricing that is already on these items. I need to make room for Santa's elves to do some work in the studio, so this fabric needs to find a new loving home.

Go to the Fall Fabric Sale now

7 Steps to increase your sales using

For those of you who sell on Etsy, there is a fabulous new website which has an application that lets you put either your whole store or one section on sale all at once. No more changing prices, one by one. This is the simplest and quickest app you can imagine.

Here are 7 steps you can do to maximize your sales.

1. Set up your sale on
2. On your Facebook fan page, create an event for the sale, using the same time frame as you put on Etsyonsale.
3. In the More Info section of the event you created in Facebook, add a link to your shop or shop section that is on sale.
4. Invite everyone to your event, updating your fans, and inviting your personal friends.
5. Go to the Etsy forum, to the Promotions section. List the sale, make sure the name matches exactly the sale name you used for your event on Facebook. Add a link to the event in Facebook. Add a link to the section you have on sale, or to your store.
6. Keep the forum post alive by commenting or adding photos or updates.
7. If you Blog or Tweet, make sure to mention the sale in each venue. Use the exact name you have used for all the other areas you have posted the sale.

EtsyOnSale not only places your items on sale, and removes the sale prices when the sale is over, but your items are also featured on their website as well.